This March 13, the Los Turello program is celebrating: it has been on the air for 7 years on the Canal C screen. Hosted by Juan Turello and his children Sebastián and Nicole, this television series is concerned with bringing viewers all possible views About the most various subjects.

Economy, politics, social causes, analysis of all kinds… Throughout its 317 broadcasts (more than 13,000 minutes of content put “on the air”), Los Turello had more than 900 guests and experts in the most diverse areas of interest, to give the public the most complete view possible.

It should be noted that its products have been awarded on different occasions. In 2018 and 2019, the Cordoba Association of Cable Broadcasting (ACORCA) distinguished Los Turello as the “Best General Interest Program” of the Cordovan cable; while the cycle “Los Turello de bolsillo” was nominated in the same category but by the Martín Fierro Federal.

In dialogue with Channel C, Sebastián Turello said that “The 7 years of Los Turello, is not just any anniversary. Behind that number there were great professional challenges and at the same time an enriching process for our team”, and added that “On a personal level, a journalistic project like Los Turello implied me adapting to another field of communication: leaving a commercial focus, because I came from working in the Marketing areas of other companies in Córdoba, and moving on to another, more informative one. In addition, to do it in a sort of ‘family micropyme'”.

Regarding work as a family, Nicole highlighted that “it has been a privilege” working with his father and brother, growing together in the profession. “Working as a family is not an obstacle. Hopefully many will want to undertake and do things as a family.”

With Nicole living abroad, precisely in Italy, a new challenge was set up for the team: “It was another dynamic, but we were able to take advantage of it and the team did not suffer. In fact, quite the opposite. Based on their interventions, we were able to set up a new segment within the program called Los Turello de Viaje -which I invite you to watch on our channel from YouTube”, says Sebastian.

“To conclude, I would like to thank Canal C, its directors -Luis and José- and their team, our family, the organizations that accompany us and our viewers. Without their support, it would have been impossible for Los Turello to fulfill 7 years on television”, Close Sebastian.