Tradition marks that to celebrate a new year of life, you have to blow out candles on a cake. There are various appliqués and decorations that make the moment more special for the recipient, such as colored flares and sparks, similar to fireworks. But a young Mexican named Memo received a surprise that left him speechless when, when the sparkler had finished burning, Sky blue smoke billowed out and filled the room full of guests.

His girlfriend, Rebeca, shared a video of the moment on the TikTok social network. There the girl tells her “you want to celebrate your man but you buy the first candle you saw”, referring to the particular episode. It happens that in the popularized gender reveal parties These artifacts are very common to reveal if the baby on the way is a boy or a girl, so ways are devised to show the colors light blue or pink, depending on the case.

But the young woman was not pregnant, but really made a mistake. But everyone, including her partner, thought it was her way of showing everyone she loved that the family was getting bigger. The video collected more than 38 million viewsand due to the impact the couple had to do a new video explaining Momo’s reaction. There he said that his response was due to the surprise that the whole situation had generated in him, and that he would have been excited if the news was true.

“Normally their smile is erased but this time it was the other way around”; “Well at least if he got excited”; “He very happy jumping with emotion and she all sad because she was not the candle she wanted”; “He was already celebrating the Child”; were some of the many comments that the videos garnered.

Look at the funny moment!