As every year, the most faithful fans of Carlitos “La Mona” Jiménez came to his house on Cerro de las Rosas, in the northern part of the city of Córdoba, to congratulate the king of the Cordovan quartet.

From very early the fans were stationed at the door of the historic house waiting for the idol to come out on the balcony to greet and thank. It was known that some of them even came to camp to be the first to see CMJ.

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This year La Mona turns 72 and celebrates it away from the classic weekend dances, those long nights that gave her a long career. Together with his son Carli Jiménez, he only dedicates himself to getting on stage in the new editions of the Bum Bum Festival, which will take place next weekend at Kempesthis January 14 and 15.