On December 9, 2022, a storm caused serious damage in the town of Río Primero as a result of the impact of a a tornado tail causing damage to some homes, power lines and trees.

The meteorological phenomenon that shook the town by a wind from south to north affected the trunk system that supplies up to San Francisco and Mortars inclusive. Because of this, 30 concrete poles fell of design speed to the wind higher than 20 km per hour.

The wind hit the posts and broke them from the base and some from medium height to finally fall.

The holder of EPECthe Engineer Luis Giovine assured that they are working on emergency systems of wooden poles with concrete retention to be able to “restore the system as soon as possible.”

Next to Argentinian army, they set up a camp for around 70 people so that the operators can work during the day and have a space to rest. The tents have air conditioning and chemical toilets in their surroundings.