The success that ‘Game of Thrones’ had in the television industry is indisputable. The David Benioff and DB Weiss series became one of the most watched in history with a total of 8.1 million viewers in its latest installment. The successes not only came from the hand of the audience but also from the recognition they got, GOT became the series that accumulates the most Emmy awards in the same year. It is also among the most pirated in the industry, it is clear that no one wanted to miss any of its seasons.

These have been the main reasons why HBO plans to squeeze this series to the last drop. That is why it has launched two other spin-offs. As ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ has revealed, the company is already working on a couple of potential animated series. The first one is set in the region of the Golden Empire of Yi Ti.

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This kingdom, located east of Essos, is considered the successor to the Great Empire of Dawn and one of the oldest and most advanced societies in George RR Martin’s universe; its creation being strongly influenced by Imperial China. Meanwhile, the other production continues to be, until now, a total mystery, since the people of HBO Max have not contributed.

For now, there is no exact date for the launch of these projects. The only series that, to this day, has a date for its second season is ‘The House of the Dragon’ that can be seen in 2024, as announced by the content director of HBO, Casey Bloys.