The painful experience of Cristina Vañecek has become a shocking testimony of the shortcomings of PAMI. La Mar del Plata requested a wheelchair for his sick mother on January 11, but the order never arrived. tragically, the retiree passed away on June 20 and the wheelchair arrived a month later. Now, instead of accepting her mistake, PAMI blames the family.

The story began in January when Cristina ordered the wheelchair from PAMI. He was informed that the estimated waiting time was 45 days, but at the end of March, when inquiring about the status of the order, they warned him that the platform of the website had changed and there could be problems. In April, he filed the claim again without obtaining any advances. Despite multiple communication attempts, the family did not receive clear answers or a definitive delivery date.

A retiree died waiting for a wheelchair: she asked for it in January and arrived in July • Channel C

Cristina only wanted to have predictability to make the right decisions, whether it was waiting for the chair or considering the option of buying one. However, the lack of response and the impossibility of acquiring a wheelchair at that time led her to rent one temporarily.

Unfortunately, time passed and the wheelchair never arrived. On June 20, Cristina’s mother passed away without being able to use it. A month later, the wheelchair arrived at her home. The heartbreaking situation led Cristina to express her frustration on Twitter, never imagining that her release would go viral and receive widespread support.

On Twitter, the family took to expressing their disappointment at the chair’s late arrival. Also, she reflects on the sadness of receiving an empty wheelchair that would be used by someone else. He also mentions the reaction of the man in charge of delivering it, who expressed his shame for the mistake made by PAMI.

A retiree died waiting for a wheelchair: she asked for it in January and arrived in July • Channel CA retiree died waiting for a wheelchair: she asked for it in January and arrived in July • Channel C
The wheelchair that PAMI sent a month later. Photo: TN

After the tweet went viral, PAMI issued a response and accused the family of the deceased pensioner. According to the company, the wheelchair was shipped but no one was home to receive it. Besides, claimed that the affiliate had all guaranteed coverage.

Faced with these accusations, Cristina replied that there was always someone at her house and that they made sure of it especially since they were waiting for the arrival of the wheelchair. He also denied the claim that they received full coverage for drugs, explaining that their mother had partial coverage and that they had to buy some medicines with their own money because PAMI did not fully cover them.

Cristina stressed that, although PAMI recognized 100% of five medications, there were others that were only covered in a lower percentage. As an example, she mentioned a cream for ulcers that cost 9,000 pesos and was only 50% covered, which implied a significant expense for her. Sometimes she had to buy these drugs in installments using a credit card to ease the financial burden on her.

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