Hard to find skin without tattoos today. A practice as ancient as it has been judged and canceled throughout history, today ink marks are commonplace among people of all ages and from all parts of the world. On Instagram, a young tattoo artist shared the love story of her grandparents Waldir and Lourdes, who were married for more than 60 years.

Fernanda showed in a video posted on the social network how it all started. The couple had a tattoo each, and it shows how well they got along, Conversations with them, with whom the young woman is very close, and the sad news that her grandmother passed away from a kidney infection, something that destroyed the family.

Waldir, then, asked his tattoo artist granddaughter to fulfill his dream of forever capturing the face of the love of his life on his skin, as a tribute. Fernanda thus decided to show the entire process, the drawing she made of a photo in which they were together, her signature and hers, her favorite flowers at the bottom of hers. It was beautiful. They were married for almost 60 years, and now they are eternal in the skin and in the heart! I know that Nonna was with me, helping me with every blow and holding her hand.he wrote in the post’s description.

For his part, Waldir expressed that he got the tattoo in “tribute” to his dear wife who went to another dimension. And he emphasized: “It is a tattoo that I always want by my side, very close to me. Next to her, who is also by my side. In the comments, it was filled with users who celebrated the family’s decision, with emotional messages and personal anecdotes.