The death of a pet certainly feels like the loss of another member of the family. Although we know that we won’t have them all our lives and that they live less than humans, furry friends are some of the most noble and loving beings in the world, since they love us without conditions. So when a young woman lost her little dog named Scoot, she sent him away in tears and regrets.

But everything changed one day when Maricarmen Yaricahua reviewed the security cameras and saw something that upset her. The girl affirms that in the filming you can see her pet. “My precious fatty, why didn’t you wait for me a little longer? Mommy is devastated by your departure, your sister is very sad without you, it’s barely been hours but your great absence is felt. I’m trying to be strong for your sister, thanks for saying goodbye”, he wrote on the TikTok social network. Thus, Maricarmen affirms that Scoot went to say goodbye to her to assure her that “she is fine now”.

In the video clip, recorded in night mode, it can be seen that when a motorcycle arrives through the patio of the home, a kind of shadow quickly approaches the vehicle, in which two people are traveling. Moments later, the shadow sharpens and the shape of a dog can be seen. After a few moments, the shadow moves away.

In the comments, the users sought to encourage the young woman. Although some disagree with the image and consider that it is only an optical illusion from the security cameras, many others believe that Scoot’s spirit actually went to say goodbye to his human. “The real “; “Ufff God, I cried a lot because I know that it is the soul of your puppy son. He will love you forever and you him, do not doubt it. Love for you”; “It is very clear and his two little eyes shine before”are some of the messages from Internet users.