An unusual event became known on social networks after a user showed a screenshot of a conversation that a seller had with the Mercado Libre platform. It all started when a buyer decided to take advantage of the platform’s return policies and once the required time had elapsed, he returned the object he had purchased after giving it the use he needed.

With the end of the year holidays over and just a few days into 2023, a customer decided to return the Christmas tree he had bought at Mercado Libre, of course after using it for the necessary time. The seller received a notification from the platform announcing that one of his products would be returned, taking advantage of the terms and conditions of purchase. Upon reading the message, the subject exploded in fury.

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“Good afternoon René: Since your buyer regretted his purchase, we ask him to return the product and we indicate the steps to follow”, reads the message issued by the platform. Given this, the seller replied: “How convenient, all of December passed and now you return it haha. If you wanted a free tree, you would have only asked for it, without any problem I would give it to you”. It should be remembered that Mercado Libre’s policies allow people to purchase a product and if after a certain time it does not convince you and you want to return it, you can do so at no cost.