Some stories are all the rage on social networks, where space is opened for an exchange of ideas. A few days ago, a young woman went viral who said that she was denied a job at a dealership for being a “green handkerchief.” Now, the controversy goes through a release made by a woman on Twitter, who said that she canceled her daughter’s psychologist, upon learning that she belonged to La Cámpora.

“Same vibes from the dealership. I looked for a child psychologist, I asked for an appointment and when I googled it…”, tweeted the user @Lu_bertotto with a screenshot of the conversation via WhatsApp.

Whatsapp conversation that Lucia had with a child psychologist

The young woman’s posting went viral and created a rift among users. So much so, that the psychologist himself was surprised by the impact of the events.

Psychologist's discharge upon learning of the commotion on TwitterPsychologist's discharge upon learning of the commotion on Twitter