An unusual but funny episode occurred in Mexico. Its protagonist was a young man who relied on the “good vibes” of the waste collection workers to ask for a ride, since he could not get taxis.

It is that after a night of partying, a group of friends had no way to return to their homes. In the street they met the employees of the collection circuit, who were doing their shift in the typical truck from which they hang, detach, run, look for the bags, and with an agile jump they climb back into the unit.

And yes, they gave the ride to the boy who had no way to get back, no taxis, and apparently no public transportation system either. The moment was recorded by the user of the TikTok social network @przligi, who wrote “When there is no taxi and the garbage truck offers to take you for free”. In the background, the song “A Sailboat Named Liberty” of Carlos Rivera and José Luis Perales turned into a meme in recent times. In addition, he suggested that the friend had drunk too much.

The video was filled with comments, mostly positive and applauding the attitude of the collectors. “The luxuries that one can afford from time to time”, “More affective than asking for a car on the platform”; “And on top of that for free”; and “He traveled uncomfortable, but happy”can be read in the comments.