A woman from Villa Carlos Paz who had denounced her daughter’s partner for gender violence and child abuse to their baby, now raised that she fears for the life of the child because the man and the woman have problematic consumption of drugs, as reported on Tuesday. The 1 1/2-year-old boy is under the guardianship of his 21-year-old mother and his 22-year-old father, who according to the baby’s grandmother have drug use problems.

“It is a very terrible case, since the minor’s grandmother, called ‘Niño Nube’ to protect her identity, appeared before the desperate organization with more than 10 complaints, threatened with death,” Florence told the Télam agency. , a benchmark for the Stolen Childhood Network.

The woman has three children, one of whom has a disability, another 19-year-old girl and the oldest 21-year-old who is the child’s mother, and who is in a relationship with a man who “is an addict and a beater,” according to what she said. Florence.

The complainant also has an anti-panic button, which she had to press on occasion, but also call 911 in parallel, due to the delay in the presence of troops. The complaints are filed in two prosecutor’s offices in Villa Carlos Paz: No. 2 led by Ricardo Mazzuchi and No. 3 led by Jorgelina Gómez.

Carlos Paz: he denounced his son-in-law and now he fears for his grandson • Channel C

The child’s grandmother also warned that the Secretary for Children, Adolescents and Family (SENAF) “took a month to start giving me an answer, but it is also because I went a thousand times and did not find anyone in the office and I sent an email to speak with the in charge of the SeNAF in Carlos Paz, Ramiro Bachi”.

According to the woman, the SeNAF’s response to the interview they did was “that there is no longer, there is no figure of the Juvenile Judge and that the only thing they do is integrate the child with his parents,” she lamented.

“In 2020 we began to denounce the aggressor; who is the partner of my daughter and the father of my grandson, because he brutally beat my daughter while she was pregnant, the verification of the blows was presented, they came and went for that son in common and my daughter loosened up and gave him another chance,” said the boy’s grandmother.

In addition, he said that when they went to report him, they found out that a previous partner “had reported him for gender-based violence because he had disfigured his face, he had broken his nose.” “He is a really brutal beater,” confirmed the woman.

For her part, Florencia pointed out that the “baby is beaten, sometimes two weeks go by and they don’t bathe him, they don’t feed him.” The woman, who lives in an apartment next to her daughter’s, wants to know how her grandson is, since she hasn’t seen or heard him for months, so she fears for her life.

“Each day that passes is an ordeal for that child; it is totally desperate. That child is very concerned and it is terrible that with all the complaints, evidence, photographs, videos, he even has the baby’s screams recorded and no one has done anything at all,” claimed the referent of Red de Infancias Robadas.

Source: Telam

Carlos Paz: he denounced his son-in-law and now he fears for his grandson • Channel CCarlos Paz: he denounced his son-in-law and now he fears for his grandson • Channel C