On the 10th of Argentina, he arrived at the XV-year party of his niece Morena Messi, daughter of his brother Rodrigo, and caused a real stir in the ballroom in Rosario. Simply upon arriving driving his car accompanied by his wife Antonela Rocuzzo, the guests rushed onto the vehicle to photograph and film the epic moment.

Los Palmeras were the musicians who set the pace for the night, who did not miss the opportunity to take a picture with Leo Messi, who also signed autographs. To the rhythm of Boys! the scorer danced to the World Cup theme song and the moment was recorded by the cameras.

In addition, Morena, the birthday girl, was encouraged to also sing in front of the more than 200 guests: she shone with a song by the singer Emilia Mernes, who also sent an exclusive greeting to the honoree.

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