This Friday, President Alberto Fernández visited the province of Córdoba. The official traveled with the company of the presidential spokeswoman, Gabriela Cerruti, who held a press conference while Fernández toured different facilities in the province together with Schiaretti and Mayor LLaryora. It was in this context that Cerruti attacked the provincial government by saying “If the economic policies of the national government are not having an impact on the province of Córdoba, it is, perhaps, because of the decisions made by the provincial government.”

Carlos Massei, Minister of Social Development of Córdoba, indignantly refuted the words of the spokeswoman “Mrs. Cerruti inaugurated the Secretariat of Communication quite badly, she does not know what she is talking about, and she has a supine ignorance of the reality of Córdoba and the country. ”, he said in dialogue with chain 3

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And he argued: “If there is a province that is productive and industrial, it is Córdoba, it is the province that has the highest rate of productive activity in the country, 50.2%, when the average is 38%; which is when you measure people who have a job or are looking for one.”

Finally, he pointed against the executive power and answered Cerruti’s question about the social plans in Córdoba “We have up to 1.5 million people with at least one social plan because the Nation’s macroeconomic programs make poverty and indigence grow” , he claimed