A 35-year-old subject who was driving on a motorcycle fled after being intercepted by a police checkpoint in the city of La Falda and took refuge in his ex-partner’s house despite the fact that he had an arrest warrant. restriction, after which he was apprehended by the uniformed men who chased him to the scene.

On that occasion, the detainee attacked the police officers who, after identifying him, took him to the police station and made him available to the Cosquín Prosecutor’s Office, which must now resolve his procedural situation.

According to what was reported in the part of the Punilla Norte Departmental Regional Unit of the Córdoba Police, the incident occurred on Kennedy Avenue at 900 in the city of La Falda, at 3 in the morning this Friday, when the uniformed officers wanted to control the man who was circulating in the sector on a 110-cubic-centimeter Brava motorcycle.

At that moment, the subject leaves the motorcycle and runs away, entering a home that was later found to belong to his ex-partner, a 24-year-old girl, where he could not approach since an order weighed against him. contact restriction for family violence.

Until there he was chased by the uniformed men who proceeded to arrest him, although they were attacked by the man, so after being arrested, the figures of resistance to authority and violation of a restraining order for family violence are applied.