The unusual event occurred in the city of Alta Gracia. In the early hours of yesterday, two subjects entered a house located on Calle 9 de Julio at 600 with the intention of perpetuating a robbery. However, a neighbor of the place noticed the situation and notified the police.

Upon arrival, the uniformed officers saw a person leaving with elements through a side door of the house, who upon noticing the police presence, re-entered the house and tried to flee through the front door, where he was immediately captured. Meanwhile, the other criminal was intensively sought by the police.

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Finally, the second was discovered hidden in a room and covered with various items of clothing in a closet. The men are 25 and 18 years old and were taken to the police station. At the moment they are available to justice. In addition, the police seized some allegedly stolen items that were outside the house, including: a microwave, a 42″ Smart TV and 25 euros.