Among the thousands of videos of pets that shipwreck every day on the Internet, one of them stood out in recent days. A cat’s reaction to seeing himself reflected in the mirror went viral due to the level of anger he had against the image he saw in the artifact.

In less than a month, the piece that records the feline’s anger exceeded 15 million views on the TikTok platform, where it was shared by the user @SonyaM1017. Apparently, the dark gray cat thought there was another cat in the house and, jealous of his space, he did not hesitate to fight over territory. Many videos related to cats in funny situations are uploaded in the aforementioned account.

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In front of the mirror he can be seen launching ferocious meows while looking suspiciously at his own image. Some of the users of the social network felt identified and highlighted, in a humorous tone, that the same thing happens to them when the mirror does not return the image they want.

Among the hilarious comments on the video, you can read: “I used to throw spells at him”, “Me when I say that I don’t even trust my shadow”, “I have that reaction every day when I wake up and see myself”, “When I have to overcome myself and my own ego”, “I don’t I know if the cat is reciting a spell from the necronomicon or lyrics to a Taylor Swift song.”

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