Martina Farias, a Twitter user, was encouraged to tell a series of situations that she had to live in the last week and went viral in a matter of hours. Her post garnered more than 700,000 views and dozens of “likes” and comments.

According to the young woman, in seven days she had a urinary infection, fell down the stairs, had a failed tan and collapsed on the ground when she was traveling on a scooter. To complete this series of “misfortunes” Martina assured her that she was fired from her job.

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In addition, he was encouraged to attach some “evidence” of everything that happened. Among them a video where she is seen when she takes a tremendous blow, a photograph with the blows she suffered when she fell off the scooter and a screenshot of a conversation she had with her boss when she was goodbye to her

“Do an energetic cleaning sister”, “and I thought that I was the only one with a huge gualicho”, “Everything that happened to you was horrible… but just one little thing, if you were blank at work theoretically art covers you round and return from work. If you have an accident in that period, first you have to be covered and second, you can’t be fired for that”, “Sister, how salty” are some of the comments that users of the platform left in his post.