The doctor Alberto Cormillot was repudiated on social networks after he spoke about nutrition and obesity issues and gave an example about “the chubby woman in the office.”

In an interview in America, the specialist said: “A person who loses 150 to 100 or 90 kilograms changes their relationship with others, with their body. Because his head was used to living with great overweight ”.

It was later when he ignited the controversy with a reprehensible phrase: “The example that I give is ‘the chubby one of the family’. If you are a girl who weighs 120 to 130 (kilograms) in the office, quite possibly your friends, if they put their hand on her, they put her on you as a good partner “.

“If you lose 30, 40 kilos, they stop putting their hands on you like a good partner and they put their hands on you with another intention, right?”

Once his statement went viral, many Twitter users came out to repudiate his statements. One of them was the political scientist and writer María Florencia Freijo.

“He puts the male gaze as validation at the center of his misogynistic and fat-phobic discourse. At the same time, she says that fat women cannot be desired or loved and NATURALIZES that they touch you in the office with sexual intentions. TREMENDOUS,” she expressed in a Twitter thread.