The sports journalist from the city of Santa Fe Jorge Batagliotti went to work at the Qatar 2022 World Cup where the Argentine team won the Cup and had a somewhat unusual idea: sell the sand he brought from the Doha beach.

The offer was made through his Twitter account: “Messi or Scaloni could have stepped on it” and it quickly went viral.

But… How much is it? The half-liter bottle is offered at $10,000. Among the users they began to comment on the publication and even told him that it was “cheap”.

The journalist expressed: “First I thought of bringing the sand with me as a souvenir. I collected two bags of sand on the beach, I collected about three kilos because a magnet for the fridge cost about a thousand pesos”, he recounted.

Then he said that he had to move the sand in the suitcase for more than a month and he thought about throwing it away before returning to Argentina but decided to put it in plastic bottles and bags to carry it in hand luggage.

And you, would you buy it?