A young man from Mexico went viral in the last few hours for starring in a very particular situation at the University of his country. The young man was recorded when he was sitting in one of the corridors of the institution selling some objects next to a sign that said: “I sell things from my ex”.

Banany83 a Tiktok user was the one who recorded the video, in it you can see a general panning he made of the place, when he suddenly stops and zooms in on a scene that caught his attention. The recording was accompanied by the audio that has gone viral on the platform of the SpongeBob series that says: “We painted the whole house, what is that?!” giving it an even more dramatic context and with a lot of humor.

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Among the things that the boy is selling you can see clothes, a skirt, a jeans overalls, some t-shirts and some stuffed animals.

Watch the video here: