Javier Milei was once again at the center of the controversy. He previously drew public attention by being in favor of the free possession of weapons and the sale of organs. This time, the political storm formed around the issue of childhood. In his last statements during an interview in FM Radio with You. He referred to the trade in children.

“If I had a son, I would not sell it. This discussion is far from the reality of Argentines: our problems are inflation, that we are not growing, and unemployment,” he said first, and was later asked if he agreed with Rothbard’s position (a economist), who proposes that each person can sell their organs if they want. “The answer depends on what terms you’re thinking about. Maybe 200 years from now it could be debated,” he replied.

At the same time, the deputy for Libertad Avanza made it clear that at this time he does not plan to have children, since it is “a huge responsibility.”

On the other hand, Milei spoke today in favor of “eliminating public works by the roots”, and considered that public and private education should be managed through a system of “vouchers” that “rewards competition between the different training establishments”.