A user of the Tik Tok social network went viral in less than 24 hours after posting a video tutorial teaching how to sew the third star on the AFA shield to the Argentine shirt.

In just hours it added almost 6 million reproductions, more than 400,000 likes and 1800 comments. Flor, the owner of the account @crush_4_nails, showed how to trace, draw, outline and fill in the star that represents the third victory of a soccer World Cup.

The comments are the most varied and funny: “I leave it as a souvenir and then I buy the 3-star one”; “Am I the only one who didn’t want to buy the shirt in case I won?”; “Poverty is not going to swallow us”; “It was beautiful”; “If there is something that Argentina has, it is ingenuity”, are just some of the messages that the user received.

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Watch the tutorial!