Elisa Montorio, is a Tiktok user who was encouraged to share a video with a “beauty trick” on the profile of this social network. The young woman showed how the process is to follow to make waves in her hair, for this she uses a stove in which she wraps a lock of hair around one of her bars. Little by little her hair warms up and she gets a curl that looks very natural.

The video got more than twenty million views on Tiktok, a million “likes” and thousands of comments from users of the platform. Although some were encouraged to point out how dangerous it can be to do this practice since the person could suffer a burn in the process. Others, on the other hand, have not believed him and assure that you must spend a long time in front of the stove to achieve this result.

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”Test with the exhaust pipe”, ”I’m sure it’s been there for an hour and that’s why it looked good”, ”Surfer waves” or ”Poverty won’t swallow us”, are some of the comments that can be read on the young woman’s post on Tiktok.

Watch the video here: