It is increasingly common to see women who record the reaction of their partners when they receive the news that they are pregnant. The responses are very varied: from those who think it’s a joke, to those who are moved to tears, to those who don’t receive it in a very good way. In recent days, the reaction of the couple and the children of a woman who wanted to give the news in a different way than usual went viral on the Tik Tok social network.

Analy (@ana_ly_38) and her husband are fans of the Dragon Ball anime. And to surprise the whole family, she created her own video with scenes and characters from the strip and superimposed a robotic voice that she narrated. “That’s how I told them that she was pregnant, with Vegueta,” the video begins.

“The prince of all Saiyans greets you just to tell you, Kaiosama has blessed you, Steven Cobeña. You will no longer train alone. In 9 months your Saiyan warrior will arrive. Analy is pregnant” the narrator is heard, while electronic music plays in the background.

The woman’s two children react quickly and go to hug her, while her husband remains motionless, unable to believe what he is hearing. The video edit shows him absorbed and undeterred. However, the funny video culminates showing him very happy and tearful, hugging Analy who assures that “What he wanted most was to be a dad.”

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