The incident occurred in Dean Funes, it all happened when a subject (30), who would be drunk, took his mother and a baby hostage. When police personnel showed up at the home, the man fired at them.

According to reports, the event began to unfold after six in the morning when the young man’s mother called the police to alert her son’s actions. When the police officers arrived at the house located in the La Feria neighborhood, the subject began shooting from inside the house.

According to the newspaper La Voz del Interior, a Recommended Special Tactics Team (Eter) was present at the scene to negotiate with the man. However, the young man fired at the uniformed men and wounded the departmental director, Chief Commissioner Gustavo Vergara, who is out of danger.

The woman and the child were later released. Although the man left the house armed and continued to shoot at the uniformed men.