Sometimes, in an effort to portray a moment, we manage to immortalize a fun moment that, for our good or bad luck, can quickly begin to go viral on social networks. This was what happened with the video of a fifteen-year-old who wanted to take some photos riding a horse, minutes before entering her party of 15.

What should have been a happy moment turned into one of desperation and running, which would later be shared by a Tiktok user @alexisgomez424, who shared the video with the following description: “Like when the quinceañera runs away.” It all started when the fifteen-year-old was taking photos for her party on top of a horse, but she had bad luck that the steed galloped in the opposite direction to where everyone was. The video went viral and had more than 2 million views and thousands of comments.

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In the video you can see the horse begins to ride towards the street and in a few seconds it moves away from everyone. While several of those present ran after the animal to rescue the young woman. Apparently no one was hurt and it was just a bad time for the family.

Watch the video here: