Alba Rodríguez was at a festival when she had the great idea of ​​picking up all the glasses that were lying on the floor. The young woman did not imagine that she was going to turn her after party into an incredible job, by lifting hundreds of plastic cups that had been thrown in the place.

The truth is that all the effort he made possibly took him a long time since the stack of glasses came to measure a little more than two meters high. “Except for the planet Earth,” said the young woman when one of her friends focused on her with the tower in her hands.

Of course, the young woman had the help of her friends and together they were able to collect 682 glasses that she took to the exit of the party.

The video was uploaded to the Tiktok platform and exceeded 800,000 views. “We are classified for the 2024 Olympics! “We have saved the planet by collecting 682 cups at the Low Festival,” the young woman wrote on her Instagram account.

Watch the video here: