We know that people who are going through grief, depression or a complicated emotional situation need professional help but also from the people around them. The essential thing is to be able to make them feel accompanied and make them understand that in case they need it, they have a person willing to accompany them.

In this context, a Twitter user named Sofia Pérez Gil shared a series of tips to be able to offer a loved one who is going through a difficult emotional moment. Through a thread, she provided some tips and explained in detail why each of them is so necessary.

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His tweet has been published on the social network for less than 24 hours and has already received more than 21,000 retweets and already exceeds 86,000 likes on the platform. Users left hundreds of messages thanking him for the shared information.

Having the food ready, making plans that do not include alcohol or drugs, going for a walk and making painful repairs are some of the tips he offers. At the end he leaves an important reflection: “If you read this and thought you wouldn’t do any of that for just anyone, that’s the point. Saying ‘you’re there for whatever they need’ is an empty signifier if you’re not willing to do the things they might need you for.”

Read the full thread by clicking on the following tweet: