The town of Hernando (Tercero Arriba department) becomes the second district in Cordoba to hold elections. On this occasion, two lists were presented for which the radical competed Ricardo Bianchini against the schiarettista Jose Luis Scarlatto.

Both seek to succeed the current mayor, Gustavo Botasso (also a radical), who is in his second consecutive term at the head of the Executive and by Organic Charter cannot be re-elected again. In these elections, councilors and tribunes of Account are also renewed. For these elections, the Single Vote Ballot (BUS) and voting is done at 29 tables located in four educational establishments.

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Who is who?

Bianchini He is a doctor and currently heads the local Health Directorate. scarlatto He is vice president of the board of the Regulatory Entity of Public Services (Ersep) of the province.

hernandoknown as the “national peanut capital”, is one of the 30 peanut-producing towns in the province and has around 18,000 inhabitants, of which 10,085 are on the electoral roll to vote on Sunday, according to official data from the Municipal Electoral Board .