Hernando’s attempt Gustavo Botazo He spoke this Monday about the electoral year and how the changes that will come to Córdoba will be like. He also indicated that they were able to decide the date established for the city elections, choosing next Sunday, March 26, for the final decision to be made.

For his part, the candidate for the ruling party, Ricardo Bianchi He spoke of the expectations that exist for the elections, making it clear that they remain optimistic with the results due to the work they have been doing over the past seven years. “In Hernando a change has been generated, a very important development has been generated that we had not seen for many years and this was generated with labor policies, putting the Palma Palma municipality together with all the industries,” assured.

He also specified that hernando It is the national capital of peanuts, which is why there are companies linked to that production, thus making them one of the main exporters in the world, which is why it must be “continue supporting institutional growth as has been done”.

On the other hand, big boot spoke of the decision that Rodrigo de Loredo made yesterday to resign from the candidacy for governor and assured that “It speaks more of a gesture towards the society that was waiting for a decision because it knows well that it already elected them in some way as national deputies and senators together with Luis Juez. It seems to me that Rodrigo’s gesture is exemplary and I think it will serve him a lot to Together for Change at the national level”.