As of this Monday, the value of the sanctions of the Highway Police in Córdoba increases, due to the update of the Fixed Fines Unit (UFM), tied to the price of a liter of YPF super gasoline. According to what was communicated in resolution 29, issued on November 10, the last increase in fuel that was made caused the price of the fines to change with it.

Through the resolution, “the value of the Fixed Fine Unit (UF) for violations of the Provincial Traffic Law 8560 (TO 2004) was established in the sum of 165 pesos,” the same resolution states.

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Therefore, the fines of the Highway Police of Córdoba would have the following values:

Minor offenses: They range from 20 to 100 UF. Between 3,300 pesos and 16,500 pesos.

Serious offenses: It ranges from 100 and 200 UF. Between 16,500 pesos and 33 thousand pesos.

Very serious offenses: They range from 200 to 400 UF. Between 33 thousand pesos and 66 thousand pesos.

Maximum offenses: They range between 1,200 and 2,000 UF. Between 198 thousand pesos and 330 thousand pesos.