Through Resolution 270/2022, the Ministry of Energy established the increase in the subsidy to $496.80 per bottle. In addition, an additional amount can be added to the basic charge during the winter months, or if more than 5 people live in the household, if the people reside in La Pampa, Neuquén, Río Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego. , La Puna and Malargüe additional bottles may be requested.

In turn, through Resolution 271/2022, the Energy portfolio will extend until December 31 the Temporary Economic Assistance of 20% for producers, fractionators and distributors of bottled gas, as a mechanism to maintain an accessible price for those who use cylinders. .

Anses social bottle: how to access

-To access this plan it is a requirement not to have a natural gas service in the name of any member of the family group.

-Have monthly income of up to two minimum vital and mobile wages.

How to enroll in the Home Program:

1.Enter “My Anses” with CUIL and Social Security Password.

2.Check and upload personal data. Enter the menu, choose “Programs and Benefits” and then select “Request Social Rate”.

3.Then, click on “Home Program” and follow the steps indicated by the system to request the social rate.

4. Completed the application, download the receipt of the procedure.