Spring arrived with a maximum of 12 degrees and at home we began to think about what we can make to eat to accompany the snack on a cool day like today. That is why we bring you an ideal recipe for cold days, you will only need: Wheat Flour “0000” 500 Gr, milk 170 Ml, sugar 50 Gr, egg 2 units, Dry yeast 5 Gr. (Fresh Yeast 20 Gr) , Vanilla essence 1 Tbsp, a pinch of Salt and butter 50 Gr.


1.Place the flour, sugar, a pinch of salt and mix.

2.Add the egg, milk, vanilla essence and yeast. Mix everything well to incorporate the ingredients, at first with a spoon and then with your hands.

3.Mix until you notice that there is no dry flour left.

4.Add the butter, incorporate and place the dough on the work table, start kneading until you get a consistent bun.

At this point the dough may become a bit sticky, avoid adding more flour. Continue kneading, with force and with both hands, until you notice that the dough becomes more and more tense and unifies taking shape.

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5. Form a ball and place it in a bowl, cover and let it rest for 1 hour or until it doubles approximately.

6.Sprinkle just a little flour, remove the dough from the bowl and place it on the table.

7. Degas the dough and stretch with a stick until it reaches a thickness of approximately 2 centimeters. There should be a dough the width of “a finger”.

8.Use an 8-centimeter cutter and cut discs of dough. Then cut the center of each disk with a 3-centimeter cutter.

9. Place the donuts in a previously buttered dish. Also place the “centers” of dough. They should be slightly separated from each other to prevent them from sticking together when rising. It is also important to butter the source, in this way we prevent the dough from sticking and it is difficult to remove it later.

10.Cover the dish and let it rest for about 30 minutes. It is not necessary to double or ferment too much, it is a rest for the dough and just a short fermentation to generate gases inside the dough and then it grows to fry.

11. Heat a pot with plenty of oil over medium heat. The oil should not be too hot, the ideal temperature is 165ºC, in order to obtain even cooking. Take one of the donuts, with the help of a spatula and place it in the hot oil, fry for less than 1 minute per side. As soon as it begins to brown, turn. They should not be very golden, in this way they remain much softer.