The Deán Funes Multiple Jurisdiction Chamber sentenced three police officers for the crimes of “aggravated harassment” Y “qualified minor injuries due to abuse of their duties” to the detriment of a woman who testified at a police station in the north of the province. In addition, the court aggravated the sentence for the “discriminatory connotations” of the attack in reference to the sexual orientation of the victim.

Commissioner Juan Domingo Cusumano and agent Vanesa Ramona López Medina were sentenced to two years and six months in prison and special disqualification from holding police charges for a term of five years. Meanwhile, assistant sergeant Iris del Rosario López Márquez was given a two-year conditional prison sentence and special disqualification from holding police charges for four years.

What happened?

The woman had gone to the aforementioned police station to testify as a witness in the context of a complaint filed by her partner. When she ratified the terms of the complaint, agent López Medina, who had been mentioned in that statement, began to rebuke her with humiliating and degrading terms because of her sexual orientation.

However, the victim remained in his position. Then, the two police officers who were in the police station hit her against the wall and kicked and kneed her in different parts of her body. At that moment, Commissioner Cusumano arrived, who told his subordinates to continue with the beating. He then handcuffed the victim and, after having her checked at the local hospital, they put her in the cell.

One of the central pieces of evidence evaluated by the court to hand down the sentence were the self-incriminating messages that the defendant López Medina sent via cell phone to people she trusted immediately after the fact. In such communications, the defendant partially acknowledged the conduct displayed against the victim.

Source: Judiciary of Córdoba

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