Hand in hand with his youngest son Lorenzo, Marcelo Tinelli returned to the screen of El Trece, with his new program sing with me now. After 10:30 p.m., after the final of El Hotel de los Famosos, the host opened his new format with an opening to pure dance and song.

The show has the presence of one hundred jurors. The first to arrive on the runway were Cande Tinelli, Marcelo’s daughter, with her partner, Coti Sorokin, who, according to the driver himself, left Spain to be in the reality show. Then came “El Puma” Rodríguez, Cristian Castro, Manuel Wirtz, among other figures.

The program reached peaks of 17.4 rating points beating your competition. However, after 11:30 p.m., La Voz Argentina reached 13.5 points and began to snap at the heels of Canta Conmigo Ahora, which had already dropped to 13.9. Finally, the Telefe reality show managed to surpass its competition by a slight difference: 12.4 against 12.1.