This Wednesday, September 14, and having reached the budget stipulated for this edition, was the last day on which services can be purchased to travel between November 1 and December 5 through the tourist destinations of Argentina.

The decision not to extend and end the program, as originally scheduled, was ratified through Provision 26/2022 of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports published in today’s official bulletin.

Official sources indicated that the third edition of PreViaje exceeded all expectations, to the point that 4 days into the program, more than 165,000 tourists had already taken advantage of it. With the aforementioned program, the objective of invigorating and promoting the low season was achieved.

In this way, it is estimated that close to one million tourists will be mobilized during October, November and early December for the benefit of thousands of tourism providers and items related to the hotel, gastronomic and cultural industry throughout Argentina.

The destinations preferred by Previaje users were dissimilar, taking advantage of the benefits of the different climates and landscapes throughout the country. Buenos Aires is the most chosen province with 12% of tourists, followed by Río Negro (10%), Misiones (9%), Salta (8%), City of Buenos Aires (8%), Mendoza (7%) , Santa Cruz (7%), Córdoba (7%), Chubut (6%), Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands (6%), Neuquén (4%), Jujuy (4%) and others.