The influencer Santi Maratea made a strong statement about the situation in the country, and targeted the Kirchner family and in particular questioned Máximo Kirchner’s assets. “How did Máximo make the $400 million that he has declared?” He said in reference to the deputy from the Frente de Todos.

Maratea announced that he was going to launch a new solidarity collection, but assured that he is afraid of not reaching the goal due to the crisis that the country is going through, “in Argentina there is not a mango.” “First there is the anger that they rob us, and then the despair of seeing how there are people who still defend thieves when it is already evident that they are thieves and that they live off our money,” she said.

And he continued: “I found out yesterday that Máximo Kirchner, Cristina’s son, has declared 400 million pesos. How did he do it? What a Kirchner is going to tell you is that it is Nestor’s inheritance.” And making some gestures Out of indignation, he replied: “Néstor’s inheritance? Because if the inheritance belongs to Néstor, when Néstor dies, the son inherits the silver, why did Néstor have so much silver?”

How did Nestor manage to have more than a billion pesos? Because, as far as I know, Nestor never had a company, he never sold a product. How did he do? Did he handle the money well? He bought land and made more money from it?” Maratea asked. “Because the Kirchnerists hate the landowners, they hate the people who have land, they hate the people who have houses and apartments and live off the real estate sector. So, how does it not bother them that Nestor was so multimillionaire and so powerful, when all his speeches are based on the fact that powerful people and millionaires came to that place at the expense of cag… on the vulnerable? “, He sentenced the.