The ARA San Juan submarine incident occurred on November 15, 2017 and 44 crew members lost their lives when it sank. The main hypothesis is that the sinking was a consequence of lack of maintenance of the submarine.

The investigation carried out by the Caleta Olivia federal court under the responsibility of Marta Yáñez is still ongoing and four Navy officers have been identified as responsible.

Prosecuted precisely for breach of the duties of a public official and aggravated negligence are sailor Luis Enrique López Mazzeo (Training and Enlistment Command), Claudio Villamide (Command of the Submarine Force), Héctor Alonso (Chief of Staff of the Command of Submarine Force and Enlistment Evaluation Officer) and Hugo Correa (Head of the Operations Department).

Instead, by decision of the Chamber of Comodoro Rivadavia, the prosecutions of other officers were reversed. As far as former President Macri and other former officials of his government are concerned, the claim of the relatives is that they should be aware of the state of operation of the ship as a result of a budgetary lack and the risk that it implied in sailing as it did. .

Another point to investigate is the supposed concealment of all this information after the accident from the relatives of the victims.

In the extensive ruling of the Federal Chamber of Comodoro Rivadavia, a technical computer expertise was also ordered on images taken from the discovery of the ARA San Juan submarine. The study is pending and seeks to determine if there were images erased or destroyed by the Navy of that finding.

On November 7, the official expert demanded that the Judicial Council send him the resources to carry out the study and that is why it is pending.

Judge Yáñez remains to determine if progress is made in political responsibilities and in that sense on Macri, and in compliance with the order of the Federal Chamber, she was taking statements from the former most trusted officials of the former president such as Pablo Clusellas or José Torello, among others. others.

Source: NA