In the last few hours, Raúl Palacios, lawyer for the teenager accused of the crime of Joaquín Sperani in Laboulaye, tHe had his first personal meeting with his defendant, after several phone calls and videoconferences. in dialogue with Radio Universitythe lawyer He expressed that his main objective is to get the young man to testify about the facts in the next few days.

The lawyer described the emotional state of the 14-year-old adolescent as extremely sad and scared, due to his admission to an institute. He stressed that the young man longs to be with his parents again and that the technical team, especially the psychological area, is working to provide him with support.

The minor has authorization to maintain contact with his parents, who traveled from Laboulaye to Bouwer to visit him, in addition to maintaining telephone communication with him.

Regarding your stay at Complejo Esperanza, the adolescent receives constant attention and interviews with psychologists as part of the approach to his situation. Although it has not yet been integrated with other minors, Palacios stressed that it is part of the initial process.

The lawyer also pointed out that The court in charge of the case has two functions: to investigate the fact and prove its authorship, and to work on the reintegration of the young person to guarantee their safety and that of third parties.

Given the possibility that there is a third person involved, the lawyer clarified that it would not change the defendant’s situation as it is approached differently than an adult.

The application authority, in this case Senaf, determine how the adolescent’s life continues after the investigation is complete.

At all times, the attorney He emphasized his commitment to ensure the rights and guarantees of the young, based on the National Constitution and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Joaquin Sperani case: how is the daily life of the adolescent accused of the crime • Channel C
The last image of Joaquín alive. Photo: Cba24N

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