The National Commission for Work in Private Homes established a 36% increase for domestic staff calculated in relation to June 2022 salaries. The salary increase will be applied in four tranches of 9% each, namely, in August, September, October and November.

Domestic Employees: How is the salary scale since October?  • Channel C

Cristina Pereyra, general secretary of the Cordoba Family Homes Staff Union (Simpecaf), told Cadena 3 that “For 48 hours, staff without retirement (bed inside), will charge $ 62 thousand. In November there is a new section of what was taken out in parities”.

The representative stated that, despite the increase, “For this year the compañeras have already shot everything”. And he added: “No matter how much they charge, this amount increased their rents, gas. One asks for an increase but when we close, it’s too late because they don’t stop inflation”,

Source: With information from Cadena 3