The National Congress last night sanctioned the law referring to the modifications in the monotax and in the income tax that the self-employed must pay. Through this, the maximum billing amounts allowed are updated, as well as the income limits that enable entry and remain in this simplified tax system. As for the self-employed, the new law provides that Profits be paid from higher incomes in relation to those already in force.

Thus, as of today, an increase in the billing ceilings that the different categories may have was determined:

60% for categories A, B, C and D;

29.12% for categories E, F, G, H and I.

While the categories that go from A to D will have a higher increase, of 60.5% (A, B and C) and 44.8% (D). Specifically, the figures that are now in force are the following: category A, $748,382.07; B, $1,112,459.83; C, $1,557,443.75; D, $1,934,273.04. While the rest of the categories will be as follows: E, $2,277,684.56; F, $2,847,105.70; G, $3,416,526.83, and H, $4,229,985.60. The last amount corresponds to the income limit to be in the monotax if service provision tasks are performed. In the activity of sale of personal property there are three other categories, which will have the following maximum billings admitted: I, $4,734,330.03; J: $5,425,770.00, and K: 6,019,594.89.

On the other hand, there will be no increase in the monthly installments to be paid in the remainder of 2022. And only the tax component will be exempt from payment for Categories A ($288 per month) and B ($555).

Regarding the income tax that the self-employed must pay, what is dictated by decree 298 is established, the increase is from $225,937 to $280,792. In other words, this is the lowest salary reached by Earnings.

What amount must be paid as a fee from July?

  • Category A: $3,334.24, both those that sell goods and those that offer services.
  • Category B: $3,728.29 for all small taxpayers on this scale.
  • Category C: $4,262.11 for services and $4,190.06 for product sales.
  • Category D: $5,025.96 for services and $4,907.34 for those who sell products.
  • Category E: $6,601.71 (services) and $5,936.55 for the sale of personal property
  • Category F: $7,902.06 and for those who sell products, $6,825.92.
  • Category G: $9,216.76 for services and $7,772.01 for products.
  • Category H: for services (the last scale allowed) $16,114.67. Meanwhile, those who sell goods, $13,445.60.
  • Category I: The monthly fee will be $19,328.05.
  • Category J: It will be $22,197.62 per month.
  • Category K: The monthly fee remains at $25,090.13 for 2022.