Communities, hide “online”, states, and dozens of other changes have been experienced within the platform in recent months. However, one of the most anticipated was the possibility of being able to edit the messages that have already been sent to correct errors or add new information. Whatsapp wants users to have this tool available, to avoid having to delete an already sent message and rewrite it.

For now, it has been known how the changes that the platform will experience in its version of WhatsApp will be and how they will be applied. In principle, it will only arrive for beta users, and will allow that once the user sends a message, they can modify it after sending it, although an indicator will appear showing that the message has been edited. In this way, the rest of the participants in the chat will know if there are any existing changes.

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The platform will give users up to fifteen minutes of margin so that once the message is sent they have the possibility to edit it. Once that time has elapsed, it will not be possible to make any type of modification. One of the main questions is whether the person reading the message will be able to see the edited version, a question that WhatsApp has yet to answer.

On the other hand, there is still no confirmed date to know when the application plans to carry out its deployment. However, we recommend that you have the latest version of WhatsApp downloaded on your mobile.