After turning 15 of Google Maps Street View, the technology giant announced that it will now be possible to travel back in time that allows us to see what a street or a place was like in the past from our mobile phone, without having to go to the page web of our laptop, something that was not available to users until now. Although the new Google tool is not able to go back several decades, images from up to 14 years before can be seen.

This has been possible thanks to the images that their camera cars have taken all over the planet over the years. They also assured that more updates will be incorporated soon, such as the immersive view, which was recently presented at a Google I / O event.

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Being able to use this new update is very simple and only requires following a few steps.

1. First we must select a place on the map that we want to view, under its address and next to the approximate date of the image we will see an option called ‘See more dates’.

2. We must click on it, then images of the same place will appear but taken on past dates. Thus, when selecting them, we can appreciate the evolution of the area over time.

3. We can also share a link with our contacts so they can see what that site was like in a given year.