The Association of Dealers of the Argentine Republic, ACARA, sent a document with the 2022 statistics. The continuous devaluation of the peso means that currently 43 minimum wages are needed to be able to buy a zero kilometer, thirteen more than at the beginning of the year. However, everything indicates that they would not be enough. The underlying reason is the deterioration of wages in relation to car prices, which have risen above inflation in recent years.

To access a 0km car, in Argentina you need just over 43 salaries, when in Brazil only 11.1 are required, in Chile 27.2. In Mexico, 34.3 salaries are needed to reach the medium-sized car, and in Peru 42.6.

If the comparison is made with developed countries, the local situation is even more unfavorable: in the United States 5.14 wages are needed, in Germany 6.43, and in Japan 8.91 to buy a medium-sized car.

For at least two years, the 0 km have been increasing above inflation at a rate of 5% per month as a floor. In the accumulated of the last 12 months, the rise is 69%.

The calculation was made on a small model with a value in September of $3,405,016 and an average salary of $79,295. In January 31.5 salaries were required, in February about 32.8 and in March it rose to 34.5, accompanying the acceleration of inflation. In recent months the gap has widened.

Source: Financial Area