According to the latest INDEC report, a typical family needed $163,539 to avoid being poor in January in order not to be poor, while in order not to fall into destitution, it was necessary $72,043.

both baskets rose 7.2% in that month, above the 6% that the cost of living gave. Variations of the Basic Food Basket (cba) and the Total Basic Basket (CBT) they were 109.8% and 108%, in interannual terms. The data is known two days after INDEC released inflation for January, which rose to 6%.

He Consumer Price Index (CPI) Thus, it showed a jump with respect to last December, when it registered 5.1%, data that gave continuity to the slowdown at the end of the year that prevented inflation from exceeding 100%.

Regarding the indigence and poverty lines officially registered per adult, the amounts reported by INDEC account for $23,315 and 52,925 respectively.

Likewise, last week it was revealed that 37.7% of the population is poor.