A Mexican family spent three whole years keeping ten-peso coins in a plastic container in order to save money. Day by day, each one of the members of the household collaborated with their grain of sand, resisting the temptation to use that money prematurely.

With the use of social networks, the epic moment was recorded and quickly went viral on the TikTok platform, uploaded by the user @ marisolmoreno50. “Well, let’s see how much it comes out. Pure 10-peso coin”points to the beginning of the record.

The money was collected in a plastic container similar to a jerrycan, which was so heavy that they had to roll it. After cutting the container in half, the coins rained down on the floor and the family began counting: $104,300 Mexicans.

To relate, that amount is equivalent to 5520.15 US dollarsand In Argentine pesos the figure amounts to $1,157,053. That total was shown in a second video that was posted a day later.

The two clips accumulate around 60 million views and have almost two and a half million likes. Users left their opinions in the comments section: “No wonder those in the little shops no longer have change”, “No wonder I didn’t see 10 coins anymore”, “In Spain you would pay half in taxes”, “Everyone talking about money but that knife is cool, it cuts fast” and “ He saved for three years. Now everything is more expensive”.