The long-awaited and beloved national dates are approaching, which, like every year, invite Argentines to share typical dishes. In addition to the fried empanadas and the roast, the locro is the main protagonist of the tables.

For this reason, Nicky Turello (Bien Directo Noticias) carried out a survey from the North Market to reveal how much can be invested to cook a source that is enough for 10 people. At the prices of that shopping center, you can start from $3,200 (each guest, $320) with the amounts suggested and selected by the Market:

How much does it cost to do locro for this May 1?  • Channel C
The classic ingredients are 16 in total. Source: BDN (Nicky Turello)

However, there are also those who choose to buy the portion of locro in stores and through special cooks of the date: depending on the area, the portion can be obtained from $400 to $900.

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