Thousands of tourists move through the department of Punilla to be able to enjoy its spas. Those who intend to spend the day there and use its facilities must pay a certain fee for parking (mandatory) and an extra cost if they decide to use the grills.

Below we detail the prices of each of them, according to a survey we did from Channel C:

Mayu Sumaj Spa:

$1,500 parking, includes chemical toilets, WiFi, and hot and cold water for mates

Icho Cruz Spa:

$600 parking, $800 with barbecue.

Costa Blanca Spa:

$600 parking.

Playas de Oro and Sol y Río Beaches:

$700 pesos per stay. To use the grills an extra of 250 pesos is paid.

Spa tala huasi:

$1,200 parking with barbecue grills and public restrooms.

Cabalango Spa:

$700 parking per car and $500 per motorcycle.