The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, announced that he will raise the non-taxable minimum Income Tax to approximately 330,000 pesos. As explained by the official, the measure is aimed at those who earn overtime or obtain salary increases for parity, do not lose them with the payment of the tribute.

“The modification of the taxable minimum has been decided, I discussed it with the president. Lto rise from the floor, which will be above 330 thousand pesos from the first of November. We are going to announce it this week after the meeting with the unions”, Sergio Massa said in an interview with Radio Rivadavia.

The minister also announced other measures such as a 90-day product price freeze. “Freezing by force does not work, I do believe in a work agreed with the mass consumption companies that represent more than 65% of what we Argentines consume”declared the Minister of Economy.